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Make a difference on World Cancer Day
This World Cancer Day, you can have a direct impact on the lives of those who walk through our hospital walls each and every day.
Platinum seeds planted to revolutionize CyberKnife treatment
Platinum seeds help CyberKnife robot more successfully detect and destroy inoperable tumours. 
CyberKnife destroys inoperable tumours
Radiosurgery treatment for tumours in brain and other organs revolutionized outcomes for patients.

Our Stories

Dr. Adam Sachs

3-D virtual reality could help neurosurgeon treat Parkinson’s

A bystander only sees neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Sachs wearing large goggles, looking at the air between the two wands he moves back and forth in front of him.... Read more...

Declan and Jillian O'Connor

Four years after metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, every day is a gift

Jillian O’Connor stands in her living room laughing. A small boy hugs her leg, then takes off and disappears down the stairs to play with his older brother... Read more...

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